Caleb Sheridan
Outstanding Achievement In the Field of Excellence

Information desk?
Does vulnerability = Disclosure?
Is this necessary?
Was that rhetorical?
Which question?

5 minutes to paradise.
Make yourself at home.
Just what we’ve been looking for.
Piece of mind.
Sense of self.
Room with a view.
2 car garage.
A playground.
The Dream.

Check the tube?
Remember 30 minute sitcoms?
Remember Webster?
Remember professional wrestling?
Remember The Bionic Woman?
Remember The Breakfast Club?

Is this where nostalgia comes in?
Is this where personal experience comes in?
Is this where identity comes in?

So much comfort.
So much joy.
So many answers to questions I never questioned.
So many new questions.

Is the picture really clear?
Is this process HD?
Can adjustments be made?
Is this the beginning of the narrative?
Is this the conclusion of the narrative?
Is this smack-dab in the middle of the narrative?
Is this meant to be heavy handed?
Is this a very special episode?
Is it wrong that I want to laugh?
Is it helpful if it’s nervous or awkward laughter?
Check the Guide.

Is this a story worth telling?
Are questions important?
Are these questions important?
Are my questions important?
Are your questions important?
Are our questions important?
I don’t know if I see that question as important.
Are you thinking about a particular question?

Ok it’s probably best to start with a list.
Ok it helps to organize.
Ok it helps to prioritize.
Ok it helps to edit.
Ok it helps to clarify.
Ok questions are important.

Step 1.
That’s it.
That’s how it starts.
That’s where I come in.
That’s where the questions begin.
That’s where communication forms.
That’s when it’s realized….
that nothing else mattered because you were the best at what you did.